CLient Testimonials

I am eternally grateful to my friend who recommended Jamesie. I still can’t believe the freedom I have now. How did I ever do all those nights bouncing, rocking, singing, nursing, letting him sleep on me, etc?! I followed all the “rules” in the beginning and my son was pretty good but then one thing lead to another and I still had not had a full nights rest in 10 months!

Now my son is falling to sleep on his own in his crib and all I can think is why did I not contact Jamesie sooner! She is so kind, patient & caring! I worried a sleep trainer would make me feel bad or want to just let my son cry himself to sleep (as in no time limit). Never once did she make me feel bad about what I was doing and she educated me on the “whys”.  Her support during those weeks of change meant the world to me. One thing in particular resonated, she said she didn’t like the noise out there that parenting just equals no sleep. That is the message I got from so many people and the main reason why I just accepted all those crappy nights.  My son is very active & alert, it was so hard getting him to sit & eat in his high chair. Now he sits so nice & calm and is eating more & more solids! I can tell he is really thriving off having a schedule (and so am I)! I highly recommend Jamesie & Know Crybaby! You won’t regret it.
— Another Happy Mum
We contacted Jamesie when our little one was almost 4 months. We were at our wits end. He wouldn’t go to sleep without being rocked in our arms, he was waking countless times at night, and naps were a nightmare. I found myself dreading napt ime and bedtime every day as it was getting harder and harder to rock him to sleep and most times he would wake as soon as he was put down and you would have to do it all over again. This wasn’t what it was suppose to be like! Jamesie put together a plan that was specific and easy to follow. It was so great to not constantly second guess what you were doing - we just stuck to the plan... And it worked! There was some crying at first but we saw improvements immediately, he no longer woke up during the night. Now bedtime is no more than 20 minutes from bath to sleep and he never cries when going down, it’s as if he knows going to sleep feels good. It has made our life so much easier and we can just focus on how incredible this little man is! We continued the support from Jamesie for a year and it has been fantastic. Whenever there’s a little blip in his routine, Jamesie always offers great advice and support to make the changes needed. I would recommend Jamesie to anyone having sleep issues with their babies, it was the best decision we ever made.
— Carla Hurley
Beyond sleep coaching, Jamesie’s services are a great way to get some foolproof parenting help. Being first time parents, we made the typical “mistakes” of nursing our 4-month old son to sleep whenever and wherever! At that point, we knew we wanted to try some form of sleep coaching but we were confused by all the methods and schedules out there. Jamesie’s method and schedule were extremely easy to follow, especially with the daily follow-ups. The schedule fixed so many issues for us. Our son started sleeping better after 3 nights, started gaining more weight because of a regular feeding schedule, and became happier and calmer throughout the day. Lastly, the best thing about the whole experience is that it was pretty much tearless!
— Thanks Jamesie! Caroline Williams
Oo wow, the 3 weeks have flown by and already we have a little girl who loves to sleep at the right time (especially at night). The schedule you put us on worked with exactly what we needed/wanted to do and enabled us to live our lives! With consistency and really believing in the end result, we couldn’t be happier. I can honestly say it was easier than trying to just listen to what our baby thought she wanted. I sit here writing this email knowing (give or take a bit) when Alexa will wake up, when is a good time to do certain chores, and when to enjoy a nice uninterrupted meal (and maybe a glass of wine) with my husband. Words cannot express how thankful I am for you helping us. We could not have done this on our own, even with all those helpful Pinterest posts I had saved.

We (as parents of an almost 7 month old little girl) are looking forward to many more nights of sleeping, laughter as a family in those wakeful periods and the joys of our (tearless) bedtime routine.
— Thanks again, Sydney
Parents! You can’t afford not to hire Jamesie! Not only are we getting more sleep, the whole family is happier. We had her help for both of our kids who were 2yrs old and 4 months old at the time. Jamesie created customized sleep plans for each of them. Since the sleep training my younger one has slept every single night, I am not kidding you, he never wakes up even when he is sick or teething. He is 18 months old now. It’s a dream come true! As long as you are consistent and do what she tells you I am confident this could work for anyone. I am so glad we found her when we did instead of waiting for the kids to “grow out of it.
— The Gravelle Family, Revelstoke, BC
We hired Jamesie to help us with our 3 month old Kayla and I highly recommend her! Sleep is so important, I feel like my brain is coming back and I am a better parent to all three kids. We are thrilled with the changes that have happened over the past 3 weeks. She has moved from swaddle to sleep sack, transitioned out of the swing/bassinet into her crib and has long predictable naps. She happily goes to sleep on her own in about 5 minutes! We kiss her goodnight, give her the lovey, and put her in the crib. She coos and then goes to sleep, amazing! The best part is that she can put herself back to sleep at night or during naps. Jamesie helped us change her routine to optimize awake times, naps, and feeds. Her help with a step by step plan and daily check ins were key in helping us be consistent and accountable with the sleep changes. We are now able to spend more time with our other children instead of being stuck rocking the baby to sleep. Thank you Jamesie, we are so grateful to have found you!
— Dr. Jese Wiens, Naturopathic Doctor
I wasn’t too sure about the sleep training thing going into it, but knew my wife needed some rest. Within the first few days I noticed how the routine really helped Maya, she knew what was coming next. I also really enjoyed our nighttime wind down, it created a special daddy daughter time for us. Now we all look forward to bedtime
— Dan Bouchard
My son Dax was a crap sleeper from the get go - for 16 months I was woken up on average at min 8 times + a night (most nights were 12-15 times). Those 16 months were utter and pure hell = serious sleep deprivation. I seriously don’t know how I was functioning. For real. I didn’t know how bad it was until I got some sleep thanks in part to my husband and thank god - Sleep Consultant - Jamesie! We started our program and within the first week of night implementation & weaning it all fell into place! Since then I have gotten a min of 8-10 hours sleep a night and Dax goes down within 5 minutes and only wakes up 1-2 to maybe 3 times a night (in his own bed) and goes back to sleep on his own within 1-3 minutes with no effort on my part. Oh yeah - did I mention that we were co-sleeping the whole time up until we started sleep training? I was also feeding him all night to get him to sleep after I was woken up each time. Yeah. That got old real quick - but there wasn’t anything else I thought I could do. My husband is away most of the year guiding so I thought I had to do that - I actually thought that was easier - I WAS SOOOOOO WRONG!!!! Anyway - I now actually have energy, am happier and am enjoying my days vs. literally just trying to survive them. I wanted to say if you are suffering like I was - wait - scratch that - if you are even starting to suffer from sleep depo and fear your nights, then please please please email her. It is LITERALLY THE BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT IN MY LIFE!
— Amanda Hathorn Geary
We started working with Jamesie when my daughter was 10 months old and still waking up six times a night. I felt neither her or I were getting the deep REM sleep we needed. It was incredible how quickly it worked, I thought there would be a lot more waking and crying in the process. I am so happy now that’s Maya goes to bed at 7 PM and wakes up in the morning - it is still almost unbelievable. We both feel much better and the additional benefits of creating daddy and daughter time and couples time is invaluable. Jamesie was great to work with, flexible and understanding, always available via email or telephone. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to empower their baby to learn this skill of sleep and to get some zzz’s themselves. Thank you!!!
— Courtenay Bouchard
Thank you! No longer is bedtime a battle, filled with yelling, tears and frustration. With your help and easy- to-follow plan our household has less chaos. Bedtime is enjoyable and our daughter actually looks forward to it! There is no more fighting for hours to get her to stay in her room/bed. My husband and I actually have time together! Imagine that :) We will definitely be using your help for our son once he’s old enough. I have already recommended Jamesie & Cheekychops to a few “friends in need”. Well worth it! We now have a well rested, happy family!
— Nichol Johnston